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Arguably our largest and most important asset in life, next to family, is our home. One of the most neglected spaces at home tends to be the outdoor living space, the vital square footage of property outside the traditional indoor areas. 

At NorCal RG we aim to partner with you to enhance and activate your full property from dirt to door. Our team of expert Design Consultants are trained to collaborate with you and your vision, with a holistic approach to enhancing your lifestyle. 

 Why Interlocking Pavers?

There are many options of hardscaping to choose from for your home, so what makes interlocking pavers the best choice? Determining your goals is a great place to start. We typically find we all share many common goals: we want our outdoor space to be warm, inviting, durable, and beautiful, producing a long lasting feeling of satisfaction and value for our money. 

It is for these goals we must consider when choosing the correct solution for transforming our driveways, walkways, patio’s, and pool decks. Interlocking paving stones provide virtually all pro’s and zero con’s. 

Let us compare pavers to standard and stamped concrete:

Pavers are almost always undoubtedly more beautiful than concrete. 

When installed properly pavers are guaranteed to last longer without cracking or failing whereas hairline fractures, cracking, and heaving are an inevitability with poured concrete, even when installed properly. 

Pavers offer the ability to unzip and zip back up when encountering utility repair or expansion work into other phases of your outdoor layout.

Pavers test out with a structural compaction strength of more than 8,000 PSI versus most concrete at a maximum 3,000 PSI

With so many design options, textures, colors, patterns, and styles pavers offer more flexibility and options to best satisfy your dream hardscaping desires

Pavers provide a much higher return on investment upon resale, up to 200% recoup, versus concrete which at best recoups 75% upon resale.

Due to the nature of each individual concrete pour there is virtually no possible way to match concrete colors or curing textures when attempting phased projects over time, whereas a quality paver product offers the ability to match phased projects such as completing your patio a year after installing a new driveway with ease and grace. 

The cost of a quality concrete installation is comparable to the cost of a quality paver installation, it seems the choice is clear.

Pavers for the win!

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